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Cybersecurity Trainings

For Teams & Organizations

At Shef Labs, we're big on teamwork for strong cybersecurity readiness. We offer immersive training exercises customized for different teams – from tech experts to executives and crisis management – all in realistic scenarios. These exercises help teams assess performance, engage in simulations, and hone decision-making skills to tackle cyber threats head-on.

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Build Response Capability

Exercising is vital to building a solid incident response capability. We prepare your teams to handle cyber incidents across your organization with real-world simulations. This boosts coordination, communication, and quick informed decision-making under pressure.

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Cost Savings and Risk Reduction

By investing in team exercises, we boost the skills and readiness of your tech and leadership teams, cutting down your exposure to cyber risks and vulnerabilities.

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Assess and Benchmark Your Team

Continuous assessment speeds up team skill growth. Shef Labs gives automated feedback to instantly benchmark your team's performance and track progress across individuals and teams.

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Build People-Centric Cyber Resilience

We're all about building burdensome individuals and teams. By encouraging collaboration and sharp decision-making during cyber crises, we ensure your teams are tech-savvy and work together smoothly to handle threats.

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Training at its finest

All Organizational Level

We offer flexible, team-based exercises covering security ops, incident response, threat management, crisis management, executives, and the board. Involving everyone in your organization prepares teams to handle any cyber threat confidently.

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Proactive Threat Mitigation & Improved Incident Response

Practical cyber skills let organizations spot and tackle threats before they blow up. Our Immersive Labs help you build skills by pinpointing risk areas and weaknesses early on.

Being ready means practicing incident response plans. Solid protocols allow organizations to act quickly during security issues, lessening damage and recovery time to keep business running smoothly.

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Enhanced Compliance and Regulatory Adherence

We help you align your cybersecurity practices with industry rules keeping you legally clear, cutting risks tied to data breaches and boosting your organization's rep and trust.


Frequently Asked Questions​

Who Benefits from These Exercises?

Our exercises are a team effort, boosting teamwork across:

  • Executive Crisis Management Teams (CMT)
  • Business and Functional Level Teams
  • SOC Teams
  • Incident Response Teams
Are Combined Exercises Measured for Individuals and Teams?

You bet! Reports score individuals and teams during exercises, giving a complete look for steady improvement.

What Happens After These Exercises?

Using the MITRE ATT&CK® framework, teams track skills and grow with real Hands-On Labs, keeping development strong.

Why Combine Tech Teams with Leaders?

It’s about full-team strength! Testing end-to-end skills, finding gaps, building confidence, and sparking teamwork across your org.

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