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Shef Labs Cyber Academy

Cybersecurity Training for Individuals, Teams and Organizations

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challenge yourself

The Complete Cyber Skills Development Cycle

Ready to enhance your cybersecurity skills? Start with the essentials: theory, tools, attacker tactics, and soft skills. Our cyber labs are designed to hone specific skills, ensuring quick and effective learning. Once you've mastered these labs, you’ll be prepared for real-world scenarios in our live-fire cyber range exercises.

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Hands-on labs

Cyber Labs for Any Role and Expertise

New attacker techniques and tools pop up every week. With our labs, your team stays updated, mastering skills for any role or experience level, from basic network protocols to advanced threat hunting.

What You Can Expect

  • Depth and Breadth of Content

    Our courses, specially curated from our original curriculum, lets you dive deep into topics with plenty of flexibility. Moreover, you’ll learn from top-notch faculty with years of industry experience.

  • Group Calls

    Jump into live sessions, like group assignment office hours, timely topic discussions, and chill coffee chats.

  • Personalized Support

    You’ll have a dedicated course facilitator to answer your questions via 1-on-1 calls, group office hours, Discord, or email. These facilitators have taken the original courses and work in the industry.

  • Online Lectures and Auto-graded Coding Assignments

    Over 12 weeks, attend both online and recorded lectures, tackle technical cybersecurity challenges and written assignments.

  • Community

    Join over 1200 other eager learners building their knowledge. Form study groups and learn from each other. Feel the sense of community and support as you navigate through the course.

  • Communication & Collaboration

    Every course and program has a Discord community for questions, feedback, and idea sharing.

#Proudly, Our students work At
Cybersecurity training at its finest

Increase your placement rate with job-oriented cybersecurity training programs.

  • We make them Industry Ready

    Work with us to teach your students industry-standard concepts used in the market. Our 100% practical courses and programs are available online and offline; it is your choice!

  • Internships and Placement Assistance

    We help students gain corporate experience through placement and internship opportunities, setting them up for successful careers. Feel reassured and confident in the stability and security of the cybersecurity job market.

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Cybersecurity training at its finest

Blended modes of training

  • Online Instructor-led

    Access the best pool of trainers wherever you are. Join a scheduled class with a live instructor and other delegate and experience a fully interactive session with your trainer and peers.

  • Online Self-Paced

    All our current offerings for courses come with 90 days of access, which you can upgrade if required, compatible view on all devices. Our courses are available to you whether you’re on the move or at home. You'll be able to track your progress and keep improving!

  • Classroom & Sizing

    All our trainers cumulatively have over 10+ years of real-world experience. We use top-notch facilities to ensure a comfy learning experience. We keep class sizes small to encourage discussions and provide personalized experiences in a safe environment.

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Learn about the Tools Professionals Use

Our Cyber Labs use commercial and Open-Source security tools like SIEMs, firewalls, network analysis, and endpoint security tools. This way, your team knows how to properly deploy, manage, and configure your security stack.

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